Are we living in a holographic universe? A Philosophical Journey

Philosophical arguments about leaving in Simulations

What you are about to read is shocking and admittedly has not been “proven” yet. But most of Einstein’s theories ― now widely accepted ― weren’t proved during his lifetime either. So, allow yourself to at least consider the possibilities you are going to read because they may well become mainstream in a few years … Read more

America’s 1st and Last Great Black Midfle Class, A Memoir

American family black

White American slave owners, who sought to improve their economic position and standing among “their own peers” has always required him to inherently rely on black men to accommodate him with his “upward and literal” mobility, travel and transportation needs. This practice begin with black slave drivers, carpenter/carriage builders, and (horseshoe) iron workers of mule carts, followed by horse carriages, then as train riding servants, and finally as hourly paid employee laborers and skilled tradesmen.

Confession and Corruption

Confession and Corruption

The arrest of Sam Johnstone’s mentor Press Daniels had Sam feeling restless, irritable, and discontented. He pouted and slouched around the house until he sullenly looked in the refrigerator and found only a jar of jalapeños, a stick of butter, a pitcher of sweet tea, and a rotting onion. Despite knowing he was only one … Read more