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Content Guidelines

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  1. Story Quality: The story should be well-written, engaging, and captivating. We’re looking for stories that hook readers from the start and keep them interested in reading more.
  2. Book sample: Story must from a book (your or someone else). The story must start from the beginning of the book, for example chapter 1.
  3. Post Title: We ask you to not mention book title and author name in the post title. The post title should be attention grabbing, mysterious, emotional. For example, you can see our past story publications.
  4. Post Image: We ask you to don’t include the book cover, title, author image and any text in the post image. You can use any image that represents your book’s story, genre and unique plot line.
  5. Post categories: Select a category from the categories list. If your book category is not available in the list, then let us know.
  6. Credit links: No link within the story. You must include a credit link at the end of the story. We recommend linking to the Amazon book page. If your book is not available on Amazon, then you can link to the author’s website or any webpage where readers can read further.
  7. Story Length: We accept stories of any length, but we recommend keeping them between 1000–3000 words.
  8. Editing: We recommend that writers edit their stories before submitting them. This includes checking for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors.
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