A New Standalone, Full-length Mafia Romance Novel

The world I live in is a cruel one. Nothing has ever been easy.

I don’t remember my biological parents or what happened to them. My earliest memory is of Misha, my older brother, holding me tightly to his side while the harsh winter cold froze our bodies. A door creaked as it opened, and we finally got to escape the ice and wind. It was the day the orphanage took us in, but it never felt like home.

We spent five years amongst other abandoned children, but I had something they didn’t have – Misha.

My brother was and is my everything.

Glancing out the window as the vehicle drives us toward St. Monarch’s, where we’ll meet the D’Angelos, I feel a sense of intense loss.

Misha is getting married to an Italian mafia princess.

After the wedding, Misha will no longer be mine. Aurora D’Angelo will become his wife and my sister-in-law. She’ll be the most important person in his life.

Is she kind? Will she give Misha the love he deserves? Will she be home to him? 

Will Misha be happy? 

I always knew he’d get married at some point, but it’s still a shock.

The car drives through massive iron gates, and my gaze locks on the old castle that’s been converted into a resort and training center for the criminals of the world. It’s the only neutral ground where no killing is allowed.

I’ve heard St. Monarch’s also offers various services like tracking someone, assassination contracts, and things I’d rather not think about.

It’s also where Misha and Alek have been training for the past three years.

The place terrifies me.

My stomach clenches, and a wave of emotion threatens to push tears to my eyes. It’s all happening too fast for me to comprehend. In a matter of three months, Misha fell in love and a marriage was arranged between him and Aurora. I only learned about this a couple of weeks ago.

It’s hard to share the only person who is truly mine. Misha and I were adopted by the Aslanhovs, and even though they took care of us and never abused us in any way, I never quite felt like they were my family.

Blood is thicker than water.

But nothing is stronger than love.

It’s hard to explain, and I don’t want to sound selfish, but Misha is the only ‘real’ family I have. I know he’d die for me in a heartbeat.

After the wedding, Aurora will become his priority.

After the wedding, I won’t have anyone who’ll put me first. It’s a sobering thought.

And a frightening one.

Living in a world governed by the bratva and mafia, a woman is an easy target when she doesn’t have someone to look out for her.

Ugh. I’m being overly dramatic. It’s not like Misha will stop protecting me.

Be happy for your brother. You’re gaining a sister, which is something you’ve always wanted.

The car comes to a stop, and Mrs. Aslanhov pats my hand. Even though I call Mrs. Aslanhov Mama, she’s more like a favorite aunt to me. I call Mr. Aslanhov Papa, out of respect, but there’s no real relationship between us.

Misha still calls them Mr. and Mrs. Aslanhov. He never felt comfortable referring to them as Mama and Papa. Misha bonded with Alek, their youngest son, and they’ve become best friends over the years, seeing as they’re the same age.

Their oldest son, Vincent, didn’t interact with us much because of the age gap. That was before he was killed, which is something we never talk about.

After Vincent died, everything changed. Mr. Aslanhov threw himself into work. Mrs. Aslanhov grew quiet, the loss of her son drowning her in sorrow. And

Alek…it broke him.

The past three years have been challenging, but somehow we all managed to get through it.

Taking a deep breath, I push the car door open and climb out.

When Alek and Misha come out of the castle to meet us, a rare smile forms on Mrs. Aslanhov’s face. I swear she’s aged twenty years since Vincent’s death, and the sorrow only seems to lift in Alek’s presence.

Maybe this wedding will do everyone good.

My eyes lock with my brother’s, and the moment a smile curves his lips, I dart forward, slamming into the wall that’s his solid chest. Misha’s arms wrap around me, and I bask in the safety only he can make me feel.


“I missed you,” I whisper, happy to be reunited with my brother.

“Not half as much as I missed you,” he chuckles. “Let me take a look at you.” He pushes me back, his hands resting on my shoulders as his eyes lock on mine.

I’ve never been able to hide anything from Misha, so I’m not surprised when he tilts his head. “What’s wrong?”

Shaking my head, I brighten my smile. “I’m just nervous about meeting Aurora.”

“Don’t worry about it. You’re going to love her,” he assures me.

Misha lets go of me to greet Mr. and Mrs. Aslanhov while Alek comes to give me a hug. “Hey, T. Miss me?”

Pulling back, I smile as I tease,

“A little.” “A little, my ass,” he grumbles. His eyes sweep over me then he frowns. “What happened to the jeans and sneakers?”

I glance down at my black stiletto-heel ankle boots, the tight black pants, and the off-shoulder lace-up-front top I’m wearing.

Lifting an eyebrow at Alek, I smirk, “I’m not a teenager anymore and have to dress the part of a bratva princess.”

He pulls a disgruntled face. “I liked the jeans and sneakers better.”

“I agree,” Misha says as he joins us. “Every asshole in this place is going to stare at you.”

“Don’t gang up on me,” I pout playfully before linking my arm with Misha’s. “When will I meet Aurora?”

“Now.” His eyes, the same color blue as mine, tighten with a serious expression. “I love Aurora.”

Reading between the lines, I say, “I’ll do my best to welcome her to the family.”

I can see he means it when he replies, “Thank you.”

Misha leads me into the castle, and I glance around as we walk past a grand staircase. There are murals of old battles painted on the ceiling, and the air feels tense and ominous.

When we enter a dining hall, my eyes scan over the occupied tables.

I don’t have anything to do with the bratva or mafia, so I have no idea who all the people are, but I’m sure Misha and the Aslanhovs know every single one of them.

I’m taken to a table where a man and woman are sitting. The man is the first to notice us and quickly rises to his feet.

Holy crap, he’s heartbreakingly attractive.

The man’s dressed in black combat clothes, the badass look making my abdomen clench. He has sharp cheekbones, a five o’clock shadow that’s been groomed to perfection, and light brown eyes. He gives the impression of wealth and sophistication, making me think he’s more comfortable in a tailored suit than a combat uniform. Not forgetting where I am, I know he’s just as dangerous as the other people attending St. Monarch’s.

Reluctantly, my eyes leave the attractive man to settle on the stunning woman who’s looking at me.

I feel the pressure in my chest lift, and as I stop in front of her, my lips curve into a smile. “Hi, Aurora.”

The most beautiful smile lights up her face right before she yanks me into a hug. “It’s so good to finally meet you. Misha’s told me so much about you it feels like I already know you.”

A chuckle escapes me as we pull apart. “I hope it was all good.” I send Misha a playful scowl. “Knowing my brother, he told you all the embarrassing stuff.”

“Not at all,” she assures me.

The attractive guy steps closer, and my eyes dart between him and Misha.

“This is Armani.”

My lips part, and I feel a zap of shock. During our calls, Misha always talks about Armani with great respect. They met through work, and after training together, Misha, Armani, and Alek have become an inseparable trio. The only thing I know about Armani De Santis is that he’s affiliated with the Italian mafia.

Because the head of the bratva, Viktor Vetrov, and the head of the Italian mafia, Luca Cotroni, are best friends, their soldiers sometimes work together to defeat a common enemy, so it’s not weird that Misha is friends with Armani.

I’m just about to extend my hand to Armani when his strong fingers grip hold of my shoulders. An intense wave of tingles spreads over my skin, and as he leans down, I almost forget how to breathe.

Armani kisses my left cheek, the woodsy scent of his cologne filling the air between us.

Jesus, he smells divine.

His mouth brushes against my right cheek, then his deep voice hits me square in the chest as he murmurs, “It’s a pleasure meeting you, Tiana.”

Nope. I’m pretty sure the pleasure is all mine.

I manage to smile through the nervousness he makes me feel. “Likewise.”

Armani pulls a chair out, then a devastating smile curves the corner of his mouth. “Please, sit.”

Oh wow. It’s not every day I cross paths with a gentleman.

“Thank you.” I take the offered seat, and once everyone’s comfortable around the table, I ask, “Where’s Alek and his parents?”

“They’ll join us later. I asked Alek to get them settled in their suite so we can have some privacy,” Misha explains.

I nod and can’t stop my eyes from flicking to Armani, that’s sitting to my right. Our eyes lock for a second before I quickly glance away.

Geez, the man is too attractive.

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